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Find out what the process of working on the project you entrust to us looks like. Make a cup of coffee - in a pleasant and creative atmosphere, you will create with us something that will stay in your memory for much longer. See what working together on your vision looks like.

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Your new creative companions. They are waiting for ideas and lurking challenges. Meet the creative personalities of our team!

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illustrator, designer, musician / Wiking of creativity
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& Design

What makes us stand out? Our team decided to combine the best of top design and traditional arts and crafts. Look at your vision from a broader perspective - provide yourself with unique solutions that will attract the attention of your customers for longer and distinguish you from a number of brands! Observe how your project is implemented with the help of the latest production technologies. Unleash your potential!


Everything we can do for you. Designing is a way - but thanks to our capabilities, the end does not have to be just the moment of delivering ready-made files to you. It is for you that we can undertake full implementation. From creating an online store, through advertising issues. Knowing the inside out, having the latest technologies and marketing facilities - we will do things for you that are usually dealt with by separate brands / companies, i.e. printing, 3D, illustration and many more. Check what areas we deal with - make your dream come true today!

Why us?

Get to know our brands today and see that it works! We have many years of experience gained in many different fields. We help make your dreams come true - we give them the right forms and shapes to unlock their potential - taking into account factors such as market conditions. Choose experienced specialists who will help you strengthen the position of your brand on the market - spreading your mission! If you're just starting out - put on a team that wants to help you turn your passion into a way of life. Enthusiasts who also started their adventure once!

  • Comma Collective

    a brand created by a collective of artists. We create beautiful things that give food for thought!

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    streaming platform for musicians and their fans. Only LIVE Concerts, only unique merch and only with us the option of interactive participation in the event!

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  • Verizzo

    modern furniture for demanding customers! Raised, foldable; with personalization options, they enjoy exemplary design and functionality!

    Show off the design by Verizzo!
  • Kupuj Piękniej

    A brand that creates furniture for every living room and every need. Design focusing on maximum usability and convenience of folding coffee tables and tables!

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They trusted us

The real measure of our success are our customers. They are now our friends, owners of proud brands and we are more than happy to work with them! Meet small, medium and large brands that we have helped and assisted in their growth! Many of them are known to you!

  • Momax

    A furniture store whose main slogan is "looks better" mömax offers stylish solutions, also for small rooms, at an attractive price.

  • Cinema City

    Cinema City International - the largest cinema operator in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Dr. Max

    Dr.Max Polska is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the country, belonging to the international Dr.Max holding - a leader in the pharmaceutical market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • Gwarek

    The Gwarek Brewery is the first craft brewery from Lubin - the heart of the Copper Basin.

  • Percival

    Percival Schuttenbach - Polish folk metal band. Their music is Slavic folk metal with influences of folk-rock and progressive rock, and even prog-metal. The band itself describes its music as "New Wave of Polish Heavy Folk".

  • Filip Mizia

    Filip Mizia singer - songwriter from Wroclaw. Performs a musical live show. It is eclectic music with a hip-hop vibe and electronic sound, combined with original texts written in Polish and English and elements of performance.


    Esens Dance Academy. This is where you can dance your emotions.

  • Tibi

    HAIRDRESSING CHAMPIONSHIP with over 24 years of experience, perfecting staff under the supervision of the best stylists all over Europe. Their imaginations go beyond any limits.

  • KLER

    Uznany na arenie międzynarodowej producent mebli, dla którego jakość nie zna kompromisów, zwłaszcza, że w meblu tworzy ją każdy szczegół.

  • Vero

    Polish furniture manufacturer. Its offer includes collections aimed at both small and large interiors, with a classic timeless design, as well as those that retain modern forms.

  • JKG

    A law firm with traditions for over 25 years, invariably in the heart of Wrocław. The lawyers' experience allows them to achieve the best possible results.

  • Gerpol

    The Gerpol brand is synonymous with modernity and quality, built on the best Polish traditions. Manufacturer of cutlery, knives and scissors


    Student portal with current events, interesting facts - everything for every student.

  • city Wrocław

    A city that is teeming with life and never sleeps. Wrocław - City of Meetings.