Clothing brand. A collective of artists and designers.

Together, we make our dreams come true – we fill the world with our art. We use works of art created especially for our mission and its medium – such as T-shirts and everyday objects – as the language of expression. With an idea, taste – an attitude of spreading passion and message that has the power to change the world and ourselves! Comma is unique – it allows artists to unleash their potential, removes the limitations faced by artists every day!

Streaming platform – LIVE!

The Con4Live platform is not a substitute for Live performances. It is another way for the Artist to reach Fans – new tools, new opportunities and experiences that will soon become an inseparable standard in the music entertainment industry. State-of-the-art personalization options for sensations and interactions between the Recipient and the Performer. Con4Live is not a brand created in response to market needs – it was born to set new boundaries and provide sensations in a new quality and at any time!

Multifunctional furniture! Design for the demanding

The most modern solutions for those customers who are looking for multifunctional furniture that will work in all conditions. Minimalism in an exclusive edition and top designs. Verizzo is a Polish brand that is particularly appreciated on the European market!

Furniture with an idea for every living room and everyday life.

They unfold and lift to ensure stability and comfort – furniture made for every need. The names of the furniture, so often repeated by customers, give a hint – you won’t find more friendly and helpful tables, tables and benches. It is not only charm that counts, but functionality as well!