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Cooperation Łukasz and Mateusz - a real energy bomb, fire of ideas and ready to act! We started with the Missing Element, packaging, social media, T-shirts ... How did the story of this unique pair of doctors develop? What makes thousands join their group of fans on social media every day? Could it be charisma, knowledge? Is this the most human attitude towards one's neighbor? You have to see for yourself. Despite the changing tasks, one thing remains unchanged - pure joy of cooperation. You never know with the brothers - what topic will appear this time? How to present it properly? This is the kind of client you want to work with!

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It started with the Missing Element, for which we have created a complete and coherent visual identification, and in our hands we found packaging designs created for this brand. Social media - we built it from scratch, we shared our knowledge with the brothers - so that they could continue their mission as soon as possible. The unique logo, the Missing Element, which remains the recognizable Star of the Brothers of Families, has remained for a long time, actually until today. A simple symbol, the idea that guides all joint work of siblings and the community they are building, and finally a sign associated with what Łukasz and Mateusz will tell you about an interesting topic. Now - the brothers' star shines over the idea of Doctors for Preschoolers and we are with them - what matters is the mission. Unleash your potential with the Rodzeń brothers - start with a healthy lifestyle and awareness of how the body functions.